Swain Aluminum offers a superior Extrusion Process with the promise of providing the highest standards of manufacturing material. We deal with a diverse range of businesses that includes transportation, construction, electrical and telecommunications, and the solar power industry, among others.

The extrusion process employs the tensile strength of the material to pull it through a die. Metal bars, wires, and tubes are created using this technique. Extrusion is a multi-step procedure, as opposed to a one-step approach.

Our Extrusion Method:

The extrusion procedure is simple and clear. Extrusion molding is seen in the shape toothpaste takes as it emerges from your squeeze. Icing bags are yet another way how icing comes out.

During extrusion, the base material is pressed into a pre-shaped die to produce a variety of useful things such as Architectural Building Profiles, Architectural Hardware, Industrial Applications, and many more.

Material is pushed through a die with a particular cross-section. The shape of a die is important in influencing how well the material will transform into the required shape. We supply you with an Extrudate, which is the full extrusion product. To get the extrusion ratio, just divide the area of the starting part by the size of the last section.

Industries that rely on our high-quality extrusion products:

  • Electrical Sector
  • Construction/Architecture
  • Electronics/Appliances
  • Transportation/automotive sector

We provide verities of industrial extrusion products, including:

  • Manufacturing of tubes and hollow pipes.
  • Aluminum extrusion for structural applications.
  • Aluminum extrusion is used in automobile parts.

For more information about Swain Aluminum’s custom extruded aluminum profiles and metal fabrication services, please send us your queries.

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