Our anodizing method enhances the surface of the metal’s corrosion and erosion resistance.

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Anodizing, an electrochemical surface treatment, creates anti-corrosive, durable, and dependable metal surfaces. Base materials are visually appealing with an anodic oxide cover layer. Aluminum and its alloys are typically anodized to provide an aluminum oxide coating. Aluminum anodize results in the formation of a thin oxide coating (anodic layer) on it or its alloys. The surface thermal and electrical conductivity of metal is likewise reduced.

Our Anodizing Method:

It is important to clean the surface of any dirt, grease, and other undesired particles. If you require your product for decorative purposes, we offer two pretreatment options: bright dipping to give the material a shining appearance and etching to achieve a matte smooth end finish.

  • Aluminum or an alloy of aluminum is anodized by immersing it in an electrolytic solution, such as sulfuric acid, with a cathode.
  • The aluminum alloy is completely dissolved in water, resulting in the formation of a cell via the flow of electricity. During this procedure, aluminum acts as the anode, easily oxidizing in an electrolytic solution.
  • Anodizing produces a thicker, more efficient aluminum oxide layer (anodic layer) which usually occurs naturally.
  • The electrolytic coloring procedure is used to give an anodized metal a colored appearance. Colorants are applied to metal parts in this way. Integral color is another way, but it is more expensive.

Anodizing aluminum produces corrosion and wear-resistant oxide layers (anodic coatings). This method results in a colorful layer on top of the material.

Because of its anodized finishes, Aluminum is now one of the most often utilized materials in countless commercial and industrial goods.

The most Popular Anodizing Applications:

  • Products for commercial and residential buildings.
  • Food preparation tools.
  • Sporting goods Furniture.
  • Components of a motor vehicle.
  • Jewelry Production.
  • Jewelry Production.

Advantage of Anodizing for your Business:

Only the anodized finish fits all of the following criteria when it comes to selecting a high-performance aluminum finish:

  • Long life expectancy.
  • Economic benefits.
  • Low maintenance fees.
  • Significant operational savings.
  • Colors are maintained.
  • Ultraviolet ray resistance.
  • There is no peeling or chipping.

Industries relying on our high-quality anodizing service:

  • Solar Power
  • Mechanical Hardware
  • Solar Power

We provide anodizing services to create metal components that are long-lasting, sturdy, high-quality, aesthetically appealing and require little maintenance. On-time delivery and up-to-date shipping notifications are also indicators of our performance. Many sectors rely on us because of our unrivaled dedication and high-quality products.

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